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By | March 3, 2015


Throughout the month we’ll be sharing some of your MOE memories and tips.  If you’d like to submit your own, please do so here 

Today’s memories & Tips come from Tara!

I’ve had a blast every time I’ve been to Tulsa. I’ve met lots of great friends, including my best friend! (We met at a Waffle House on the way there.) One of my favorite memories is meeting Zac for the first time in the gallery in 2011. He was so kind and genuinely seemed interested in talking to me – we talked about sweet tea of all things! I thought MOE 2011 was going to be a one time deal for me, but I’ve been back every year since!
I have 2 tips that I think are important – bring quarters for parking meters (and the toll booth on the Muskogee Parkway if you are driving.) Also, make sure to check if your hotel has free parking if you are driving. I didn’t budget for it and was totally caught off guard my first year. (Thankfully I always bring a credit card for those types of things.).
Second, Tulsa Time is actually a thing. The restaurants downtown have weird hours, and many are not open late night, so make sure you look up the hours before you go. Mary Jane’s Pizza is a great option for late night – they deliver and are open from 11:00 PM – 4:20 AM every night. And the pizza is soooo good!


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