Fan of the Month – October – William

By | October 1, 2014

This month we have our youngest Fan of the Month!


Name: William Lee
Age: 4
Location: Alburn Al
What is the very first memory of Hanson that you have?: Well, Ever since I was a baby my Aunt Julie would sing Hanson to me when she would rock me to sleep and now that I am older I love to listen to Hanson wither it is in the car or at home on my CD player or on YouTube on my t.v screen or Aunt Julie’s computer and I watch there music video’s and other video’s of Hanson.
How many times have you seen Hanson in concert? Favorite concert memory?: I have seen Hanson a total of one time and it was the best day of my life! I went with my Aunt Julie last year for a surprise she took me to their show in ATL Sept 8th 2013 and I took the walk with Hanson and I shook hands with my favorite drummer Zac and I stood in awe in front of my Guitar Hero Issac and Taylor said I was his “Monkey Man” cause I was wearing my Monkey backpack and he thought I was cute. I meet all three Hansons and their dad! Everyone treated me very nice and Issac and Taylor even took a moment at the end of the walk before they went in and offered to take photos with me after the walk without having to ask. When the show was about to start the Venue accommodated me nicely for the show letting me in first so I can be front row on balcony ((cause I’m still too little for front row in front of the stage and nobody wanted me to get squished)) and during the show I danced to the music and had so much fun wearing my headphones so I didn’t hurt my hearing and acting like I was playing guitar or drums or piano just like them. After the show I saw Hanson’s dad he gave me a high five and a hug and said he was so happy to see me and everyone I met even other fans treated me so nice even though I was the youngest Hanson fan in line.
What is your favorite Hanson song and why?: I don’t really have a favorite cause I love them all but my favorite ones to dance to are “Give a Little”, “Thinking about Something” “Get the Girl Back” “Wheres The Love” and “Scream and Be Free” “Penny and Me” ((though I change the lyrics to Ally and me for my baby sister)) because I love to dance and rock out my Mommy and Aunt think I may be a little musician someday because I love Guitar like Issac and Drum on everything like Zac and bang the keys like Tay.
Why do you like/love Hanson?: Because ever since my Aunt Julie used their music to sooth me since I was a baby I have been a fan and ever since I always bug her to play their music so I can dance around and pretend to be them they are one of my big influences and maybe someday I can be like them but no matter what I will always love their music.
How long have you been a Hanson fan?: Ever since I was a baby and even though I am a young fan and wasn’t born when they started my Aunt who has loved them since she was a kid has really made sure to help guide me with there music she will play happy songs when I wanna jam out or dance and sad songs to help me feel better and sometimes she still plays them so I can fall asleep.
Why should you be FAN OF THE MONTH?: I just wanted to share my story really… as I am the next generation of Hanson fan and I hope to grow up continuing to love there music and passing it down to my siblings and friends and other Hanson fans kids who share this as well.

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