ARTS: Andy Warhol, Hanson, Philbrook — together at last

By | September 23, 2014

Tulsa World


Images from Andy Warhol’s “Little Red Book,” part of the exhibit “Fever & Flash,” now on display at Philbrook Downtown.

Philbrook Downtown will bring together members of the pop band Hanson and Pop Art icon Andy Warhol when it hosts its monthly Art Recess program, beginning noon Wednesday, Sept. 24, at the facility, 116 E. M.B.Brady St.

Art Recess presents leading figures from the world of art, culture and design in live conversation via Skype. Participants are encouraged to bring a lunch to enjoy along with the program.

Wednesday’s event will feature a conversation with Eric Shiner, director of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Philbrook Downtown is currently showing the exhibit, “Fever & Flash,” an exhibit of Pop Art that includes some of Warhol’s silk-screened prints, along with an album of Polaroid photographs by Warhol that was recently gifted to Philbrook’s permanent collection by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

These images from 1972 document a social gathering of a group of friends, including the artist himself. While Warhol celebrated the glamorous set, his chosen title for the series, “Little Red Book,” was an ambiguous reference to the manifesto by Chinese communist leader Mao Tse-tung.

In addition, the event will feature a special announcement from the band Hanson that relates to the “Fever & Flash” exhibit.

Doors open at noon, when the Hanson announcement set for 12:20 p.m. The conversation with Shiner will begin at 12:30 p.m.

In recent months, Taylor Hanson has been working to create a number of community partnerships in Tulsa, including “The Conversation With…” series and “Food on the Move,” helping to combat hunger in Tulsa and the region.

Admission is free, and those attending will be able to view the “Fever & Flash” exhibit afterward.

For more information: 918-749-7941,

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