MMMHops Article in Norway!

By | June 5, 2014

The news of MMMHops has made it all the way to Norway!


From Bop-Pop To Pop-Hop: Food & Drinks – Beer: “Is it two girls & one guy or one girl & two guys?” That question was asked in Norwegian girl rooms when the first Hanson poster was featured in the teen magazine Topp. The band turned out to be three young, Christian brothers. The megahit Mmmbop went straight into young hearts & annoyingly into their parents brains. “Mmmbop means nothing. Bad lyrics.” said the Moms & Dads, but they couldn’t help but sing along. We haven’t heard anything from the Hanson brothers in a long time. But now they’re ready to sing & party. The band of brothers have released a new record & now they’re launching their own beer with the Oklahoma based Mustang Brewing Company. Their hardcore fans have turned 21 now. Itz a Pale Ale with lotsa hop. Hop is Humle in Norwegian. The beer is called Mmmhops. All hearts are excited about this.


Thanks to Maggie, mmmaggie on the forums, for posting this!


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