What the Ale: Mustang ready to brew in new brewhouse

By | April 24, 2014

Tulsa World

Mustang Brewing Company’s brewhouse was destroyed by a tornado last May. They are now close to brewing in their new facility in Oklahoma City.  Brewmaster Gary Shellman and Lead Brewer Ethan Buckman gave me a tour of the new facility at 520 N. Meridian Ave. and showed me the progress of their tasting room and new brewhouse.  Fermenting vessel number four survived and is in the new brewhouse along with their new tanks.  They have also built a new tasting room where they will be pouring samples.   Mustang Brewing is producing beer for the Hanson brothers called MMMHops which is available in liquor stores.  They are able to produce small batches and are preparing a special farmhouse ale for HopJam which will be in Tulsa on May 18th.

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