MMMHops for everyone!

By | April 18, 2014

Nylon Mag


When our favorite boy band (no offense, * NSYNC and BSB!) decides to branch out in the beer business, you’d think it’d be huge news, right? Well, not really.

At least this is true in the case of Hanson’s Mmmhops brews–Zac, Taylor, and Isaac first debuted their pale ale last year,but somehow the news managed to cruise fairly under the radar. Maybe it’s because they were tough to find in-store, or maybe it’s because they’ve stepped out of the spotlight, but now that the brothers are gearing up to release the beer online, everyone (well, everyone who’s legal) can get in on the action.

The release is coinciding with yet another project the boys have up their sleeve, The Hop Jam Craft Beer and Music Festival. Featuring bands, brews, and tons of foods, the event will go down in their hometown of Tulsa on May 18th. Needless to say, it’s enough to convince anyone–especially those who still sing “Mmmbop” at karaoke– to take a road trip.

Can’t make it? Just stay tuned to find out where exactly you can buy the Mmmhops beer online (we’ve tried it, and it’s totally worth it). While we’re waiting for details, go ahead and join our “Mmmbop” singalong below…it’s still JUST as good, 17 years later.

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