Tyler Hilton CD Pre-Order

By | April 1, 2014


Tyler Hilton opened for Hanson on their Underneath Tour in 2004.  His new album, tentatively called “Indian Summer” is available for preorder through Pledge Music.


My new record, tentatively called Indian Summer, is starting to take shape and I’m already so pumped about the early sketches that I wanted to get you involved through Pledge right now…WAY before the record is close to being done. Truthfully, the record hasn’t even started being recorded yet. I’ve got ideas, demos, plans…but that’s really all.

Now the fun part: putting it all together and making it into something you can hold. Some of you more curious and die hard music fans may have found yourself wanting to be apart of making a record. THIS EXPERIENCE IS FOR YOU! Join me by pre-ordering the album and help me shape what you and your friends will end up owning. This is going to be a really cool journey if nothing else and I hope as many of you join me as you can.

So take a look around my Pledge page, pick some experiences that feel right to you and jump on in with me. I’ve been wanting to make a country album that feels like summer camp for a long while now… all the friends, crushes, life moments… So come on, Campers! Let’s start this summer right!

– Tyler


Tyler has put together a bunch of pretty neat exclusive items for backers, or you can get a digital download of the new CD for just $10 when it’s released.  Check out the page and pledge if you can!

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