We Met Because of Hanson: Brittney, Kristin & Taylor

By | February 9, 2014

Brittney submitted this story to us about how she met her friends Kristin and Taylor because of Hanson!

I write a blog, and a couple years ago, I had posted something about Hanson.  A reader (Kristin) left me a comment that she too was a fan.  Several months later, she found Taylor’s blog and found out Taylor was a fan. Kristin “introduced” me to Taylor online and we started reading each others’ blogs.

When Kristin moved to Taylor’s town, they became friends in real life.  When Hanson Day rolled around last year, I decided I was going…so I asked them if they wanted to come too!  The two of them picked me up and we headed to Tulsa.

Over the last year, we’ve become close friends all because of an initial Hanson connection.  We traveled together this fall for the Anthem tour, and we’ve taken trips to visit one another.  I’m SO thankful for these girls, and while our friendship is based on much more than our love of Hanson, I’m so glad that’s where it started.

These are pictures from Hanson Day, being on a bowling team together, a weekend trip together, and meeting Zac (at Hanson Day) and Taylor (on tour in Dallas). We just need a group picture with Ike to complete it! ha!


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