Hanson at the Luxor

By | December 13, 2013


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Thawed feelings

        The Band Hanson. Foto: dpa


Adolescence is the first crisis in the life of every person. If you have it once mastered emotionally and also escape her in age , you can certainly make something of this predominantly hormonally induced roller coaster ride.

What all is in it, if one of the teen days and adolescence thaws a few cars with feelings again and brings to the stage show Hanson, three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Were cast Isaac , 33, Taylor , 30, and youngest Zac , 28, never , sophisticated choreography were never her thing , they had simply been as three inches tall musical talent and are a band since the legendary 21 years.

And a boy band, they are also in adulthood yet . With ” Fired Up ” and “I’ve Got Soul” , two songs from their current album “Anthem ” Hanson start their concert at the Luxor , so that they stick a label to the present. Melodic mainstream rock is what the siblings playing at the start , so complacent harmless – arranged that they are fans of earlier not scared and at the same time such a nature that it could be used to survive for a while in a truckers bar , without having to be thrown beer cans.

To the great positioning in the here and now but it goes Hanson anno 2013 not , the suggestion is, rather , the experienced and transmitted through littenen feelings from long ago into adulthood , as a seasoned young man packed it all so much better . And so sing , play and languish the Hanson Brothers ” For Your Love “, ” Save Me From Myself “, ” This Time Around ” and ” On And On ” , give it the ballads donkey more than just a handful of sugar, regularly exchange the instruments and have the torching of several tears drivers sometimes set the stage for themselves alone .

Taylor , Zac and Isaac may ran solo, the Bee Gees cover ” Too Much Heaven “, which they perform a capella together , revealing relentlessly the vocal limitations of the three brothers . The fans at the Luxor is the damn decorated with Neonarmbändern arms are pivoted as once in May 1998. Only the army smartphones, is documented with which that one was really there , which did not exist at that time . As a promising projection for hormonal ravings of female fans , the three brothers , which of course also play their first and biggest hit , ” MMMBop ” are good , by the way , only very limited .

Taylor has five children , three of which Zac , and Isaac has also already caused twice for offspring. Power together : ten offspring. Even if half should have nothing in the hat times with music : for the undertaking, ” Hanson, the next generation ,” it is easy enough. See you at the Luxor , an appointment in December 2029 is scheduled course .



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