Review: Hanson @ The Ritz

By | December 6, 2013

Manchester Evening News


Skateboarding, long blonde hair and the MMMBop video’s wholesome clips of gigs in the family living room are the first images most of us have of Hanson. That was 1997.

Now, the Tulsa trio – Taylor, Isaac and Zac – are married dads with (mostly) sensible hair. But the music remains.

They are celebrating an incredible 20 years performing together as a band with latest album Anthem, and kicking off their world tour in the UK at the intimate Ritz – a setting that suits them.

Lively Fired Up gets things going and the brothers sound flawless from the outset.

The crowd need no encouragement to go wild, but Where’s The Love really helps them on their way.

It is the token acoustic section where they really excel, though.

Taylor may be the lead singer but Isaac and Zac transition into soloists with ease.

The siblings’ harmonies are spot-on and are laid bare when a deadly hush descends upon the venue as they sing a beautiful acapella version of the Too Much Heaven by another famous trio of brothers, the Bee Gees.

Taylor breaks up the set by sharing songwriting anecdotes, Penny and Me leads the procession of singles down the decades, while A Minute Without You sparks a mass singalong.

After an hour of teasing us, they reach MMMBop, then a festive treat in the encore with a reworked version of Run Run Reindeer.

Usually, one mention of Hanson gets people humming their signature MMMBop, and unable to recall much else.

But, on tonight’s showing especially, they are so much more than just that one song.

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