Taylor Hanson teams with Who Is MOTCOT youth turnout campaign as Tulsa mayoral race approaches

By | November 14, 2013


TULSA – Forget the glitz and glamour that comes with a life of celebrity. Taylor Hanson wants to talk about Tulsa’s mayoral race.

Hanson, the middle brother of the Tulsa trio that rose to fame — gulp — 17 years ago, took to YouTube to ask young Tulsa voters to show up Nov. 12 to help shape their city’s future.

“Hey, this is Taylor Hanson. I’m a musician, an entrepreneur and a guy from Tulsa, Oklahoma,” the short clip begins.

Mobile users can watch the video here –>  http://bit.ly/1hTMMOj

“People under the age of 30 have a lot of things to say, a lot of influence. And if you maybe haven’t decided to jump in and plan on voting, I want to encourage you to get informed and to get out there and decide who you want your next mayor to be.”

The one-time “MMMBop” singer’s video was posted to Who is MOTCOT’s YouTube page, a non-partisan, Nov. 12-focused campaign to help raise the youth vote in Tulsa.

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Hanson concluded the video with one last push, echoing the mission of the his fellow election day enthusiasts.

“I look forward to seeing you back in Tulsa and I hope, if you haven’t already decided to do it, that this encourages you to show and cast your vote on Nov. 12 for the next mayor.”

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