Hanson: MMMBop

By | October 13, 2013


This song. This. Song. I mean really. But consider the video, too. There are gems in here people. First of all, boy can these kids fit in the backseat of a car. Note also their ability to all ride simultaneously in what appears to be an Army Jeep. They also have fun on public buses. Diverse modes of transportation being depicted. The brothers apparently play near highways and potentially run across them for fun/to plant things on the other side. Also note the presence of timelapse technology. That flower is blossoming before our very eyes! Cue greenscreen. They’re in strange cities, using pay phones, generally being wacky. Oh and look, they’re playing around on the moon. Jokesters! I will leave you with two important thoughts. 1. Rollerblades. 2. That hair. Thank you. [AmazoniTunesSpotify]

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