#ThrowbackThursday: The Hanson Brothers at Planet Hollywood

By | September 3, 2013


Hanson Brothers at Planet Hollywood, August 24, 1998

        Credit:           Steve Azzara/Sygma/Corbis

Hanson Brothers at Planet Hollywood, August 24, 1998

Today in so-’90s-it-hurts: The Hanson Brothers on the galaxy-printed Planet Hollywood red carpet, which is essentially a caricature of all red carpets. Except that it’s blue. This week in 1998, Zachary, Taylor, and Isaac Hanson walked that red carpet.

The restaurant was partially owned by celebs like Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone, and part of the whole deal was that not only could you dine with memorabilia staring at you, but celebrities could walk in at any moment. If we’d been there at that particular moment, we would’ve choked on our milkshakes.

Unfortunately, the empire that was Planet Hollywood soon fell, and very, very quickly. While the New York Planet Hollywood, pictured, stayed open, it was one of only 8 that did. 1998 was kind of the end of the franchise’s reign, and we mean, it could only stay sustainable for so long. But don’t worry! You can still hit up not only this PH, but locations in Niagra Falls (??), London, Los Angeles, Orlando, inside Disneyland Paris, South Carolina, and Germany.

Hanson stayed together, though! They do cool stuff, like making beer together (called, we BS you not, MMMHOPS), jamming, traveling, recording some old songs, recording some new songs (their new album is called Anthem), and having a million little babies. Okay, that’s a tiny bit of exaggeration, but they have a lot: Taylor has five, and Isaac and Zac each have two.

For the record, because we know you’re curious: this is what the Hanson Brothers look like now.

Bonus! in every picture, they’re posing with a cute animal.


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