By | June 22, 2012

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It’s been fifteen long years since the boys, who are now married fathers, hit the radio.Flashback Friday: Hanson "Mmmbop"

It’s hard to believe but it has been 15 years since teen boy trifecta, Hanson, had a hit with their debut album, Middle of Nowhere.   The group hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was comprised of squeaky clean brothers, Isaac (guitar, piano, vocals), Taylor (keyboards, piano, guitar, drums, vocals), and Zac Hanson (drums, piano, guitar, vocals).   Over the years, they have had eight top 40 singles in the UK and six top 40 singles in the US.

Truly, they could be categorized as a one-hit wonder since, despite releasing other tracks (and selling more than 16 million records), they are only going to be remembered for “Mmmbop.”

The song really isn’t anything spectacular, musically, but it was the novelty of it all – plus the chorus so so catchy that even the most stoic of music lovers have probably found themselves humming along.

The video is cheesy and appropriate for their ages and the time (it’s hard to believe that kids used to actually act their age and be loved for it!).  If you watch it, make sure you check out the computer on the desk behind Taylor (lead singer).  Ah, technology.

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