The Mmmbop boys are back in town

By | April 7, 2012

Adelaide Now 


Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson of the band Hanson. Picture: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

IF you’re a Gen Y, then no doubt you’ll be thrilled to hear that Hanson will be visiting Adelaide in September.

IsaacTaylor and Zac Hanson became household names back in 1997, when they released their hit album Middle Of Nowhere and shot to the top of the charts the world over with their song Mmmbop.

Adelaide will be the first stop on their Australian tour when they play HQ on September 13. Lead singer Taylor said fans can expect to see something new from the band at their show.

“Someone not as familiar with the band will see us, though, as a rock band,” Taylor said.

“We do everything from an AC/DC cover to songs off our first album. We grew up listening to soul music. We idolise Otis Redding. We hope there’s some of that in our music.”

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