Manila MMMBOP-ed With Hanson!

By | April 4, 2012


90’s kids we’re treated to a musical night with the Hanson brothers! After 15 years since their last visit promoting their album “Underneath”, they have come back to share their latest album, “Shout It Out”. It wasn’t just a night of new music from the boys but it was also a trip to memory lane as they played their biggest hits too!
Robin Nievera opened the show with a high-energy performance with songs from his new album, “Overwait”. He set the right musical mood as he showcased not only his vocal skills he got from his parents, but also his awesome guitar skills! His fingers were on fire!

As soon as Hanson came up to the stage, the front row was immediately filled up with fans with their placards, light sticks, shirts, merchandise, and cameras up in the air. Some people who came have been fans since they were just kids and didn’t let the chance to see them perform live pass. Apart from the music, fans are just excited to see them all grown up and still give that young girl giddiness they’ve all felt years ago!

Isaac Hanson, guitars, vocals 

Taylor Hanson, keyboards, vocals 
Zac Hanson, drums, vocals 
Some who just came to see the show have become Hanson converts on the spot! Who won’t be impressed by the brothers musicality? They played their hearts out, complete with their three-part harmony that had everyone in awe. The night was all about the music, playing some of the most memorable songs from all their albums including their breakout hit, “Mmmbop”! Everyone was dancing on the floor and singing along! Knew every word by heart!
As parting words to all the fans, Taylor promised that they’ll be back for sure. He had been hearing “rumors” that Manila is one of the best places for a performer. The entire band had just experienced the love from all the fans in Manila. They promised to be back if Manila can promise something, “We’ll be back if you’ll still be here,” says Taylor.
That was one mmmbopin’ show! And make sure you watch the next time the guys are back in town! Tonight they rock Cebu! Our Cebuano friends will definitely enjoy what Hanson has in store for the concert!

Hanson Setlist

Waiting For This
Where’s The Love
Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’
Thinking Of You
Minute Without You
Crazy Beautiful
Can’t Stop Strong Enough To Break (Acoustic)
Deeper (Acoustic)
Wish That I Was There (Acoustic)
A Song To Sing
With You In Your Dreams
This Time Around
And I Waited
Penny & Me
Give A Little
Lost Without Each Other
If Only
In The City

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