Notebook: There is an art to the successful comeback

By | March 13, 2012

Michigan Daily 

Speaking of washed-up bands with parasitic grips, how many times will the Hanson brothers try to reinvent themselves before they call it quits? The baby-faced trio (despite nearing their thirties) has released five entire albums since their “MMMBop” days of 1997, one of which even came with a second volume. But none of their over-eager efforts caught on and, despite changing up their haircuts (is that a side-part, Taylor?) and making a seriously weird music video with synchronized dance moves and a lot of clapping, their importance has persistently dwindled away.

Even with their laughable shots at born-again fame (seriously, have you seen that music video?), Hanson refuses to disappear. The group is currently touring the state of Oklahoma and is even hosting its own Hanson Day celebration performance on May 13. But don’t get your hopes up, because it’s for fan-club members only.

Making a comeback is an art form, and musicians should either take notes from success stories or, in the case of Hanson, quit while they’re ahead. Because, let’s face it, not even Skrillex can make me listen to Korn again.

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