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By | February 10, 2012

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We’ll forever remember them for their 1997 hit single “Mmmbop,” and how young they were when they shot to pop music fame. Now, over a decade later, Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson are staunch health activists, run their own record label, and are all husbands and fathers.

And through it all, they’ve never stopped creating music.

Hanson will be here next month for a two-night concert on March 30 (Smart Araneta Coliseum, Cubao) and 31 (Waterfront Cebu). It’s the band’s second visit to the Philippines; their first was in 2004 to promote the album “Underneath.”

Their upcoming concerts are part of the “Shout It Out” World Tour, which showcases their latest album of the same title.

“We have eclectic tastes in music, but our first and strongest influence is late ’50s and early ’60s soul music and rock ’n’ roll,” said Hanson frontman Taylor. “That music is a direct inspiration on ‘Shout It Out.’”

“The concert will definitely feature the music on ‘Shout It Out,’ but it will also highlight songs from throughout the band’s career,” he added.

Hanson has toured the US, Latin America, and Europe, and are now holding shows in Canada.

Super got the chance to ask Taylor more about what’s keeping the band busy, and why they’ve (finally!) decided to come back.

What brought you back to the Philippines?

There was not one specific thing that made this tour possible; it was a combination of timing and finding the right partner for the return concerts. We have wanted to come back for some time, and we are really excited it is finally able to happen.

Was there ever a time when you stopped creating songs/ music?

We have never stopped making music, but there have been long periods where we have not been able to make touring outside the US a priority, and that makes it difficult to stay connected with many fans. Thankfully, we are changing that with this coming tour.

You are staunch supporters of the kids in Africa, especially those stricken with HIV/AIDS. How were you made aware of their plight? What do you continue to do for them?

In early 2007, we began our “Take The Walk” campaign, where we engage fans and others to take one-mile barefoot walks to connect with the needs of those facing extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. We were inspired to begin this effort after we took a trip to South Africa and Mozambique in early 2006.

Our broader mission has been to inspire individuals to take action in tangi ble ways, and focus on equally tangible needs, like medicine, water, education, shoes and access to healthcare. We have several key partners who help us to provide for those needs, and our mission continues through raising funds and encouraging people all over the world to organize barefoot walks for the cause.

You have your own record label now, 3 Car Garage (3CG). Do you manage other artists as well?

We have run our own record company for nine years, beginning in 2003 with the release of our third studio album. We have not focused on releasing other artists, but we look forward to playing that role in the future. Our label’s purpose is to facilitate releasing and marketing our music in a way that we feel builds a career and a united creative vision for the band.

Do your families tour with you? Are your kids showing any interest in entering the music industry, too—and would you allow them, if they are?

We are all married with children now: Isaac has two children; me four, Zac two. Our families do join us on the road sometimes, but not always. All of our kids are surrounded by music so it’s always a possibility that they could choose to make music, but we will let them decide for themselves like we did.

Lastly, any preconcert message for your fans?

Firstly, thank you so much for your patience over many years of no concerts, and we are really excited to finally bring the new tour and music back to the Philippines.

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