Sending in Ticket Scans

By | July 9, 2011

With The Musical Ride Tour public on sales starting today for the majority of shows, we will be accepting scans/digital photos of ticket scans starting now.  For this tour, we are trying to get etix and hard copy tickets for any dates where both are available.

Please note: We collect the scans/photos early in case venues take them whole as admission or they get lost, etc.  No tickets will be posted on the 2011 page until the night of the show or later.  We will also edit any personal information off of the tickets if it is not done before the tickets are sent to us.

Scans/Photos can be sent to: or (please only use the gmail account if the tickets account gets filled)

(If we are including an etix when it is not available, or not including it when it is available, please let us know!)

Tickets Needed:

Regina – Hard Copy
Seattle – Hard Copy
Portland – Hard Copy / etix
San Francisco – Hard Copy / etix
Memphis – Tickets to be purchased Day Of
Anaheim –  Hard Copy / etix
San Diego – Hard Copy / etix
Phoenix – etix
Salt Lake City – Hard Copy
Boulder – etix
Albuquerque – etix
Tulsa – Hard Copy
Austin – Hard Copy
Houston –Hard Copy / etix
New Orleans – Hard Copy / etix
Detroit – Hard Copy
Chicago #1 – Hard Copy / etix
Chicago #2 – Hard Copy / etix
Nashville – Hard Copy / etix
Kansas City – Hard Copy / etix
Minneapolis – Hard Copy / etix
Grand Rapids – etix
Cleveland – Hard Copy / etix
Northampton – Hard Copy
New Haven – etix
Boston – Hard Copy / etix
Portland – Hard Copy / etix
Albany – Hard Copy / etix
Pittsburgh – Hard Copy
Dallas – Hard Copy
Lancaster – Hard Copy / etix
New York – Hard Copy / etix
Falls Church – Will Call
Philly – Hard Copy / etix
Norfolk – Hard Copy / etix
Charlotte – etix
Atlanta – Hard Copy / etix
Tampa – hard Copy
Ft Lauderdale – Harc Copy / etix


Porto Alegre, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Santiago, Chile
Mexico City, Mexico
Stuttgart, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Amsterdam, Holland
Milan, Italy
Paris, France
Manchester, UK
Edinburgh, UK
Newcastle, UK
Birmingham, UK
London, UK

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