Hanson Goes to London! Part II

By | June 23, 2011

Paper Mag

For my second installment of pics from iconic London, I tried to keep my promise of bringing you photos that were a bit brighter and bolder in contrast to the previous blog, which featured only black and white images. The theme for this week’s selections was “louder,” because most of the pics were taken during the first half of our five-night concert series, which lived up to our expectations and more with fans coming from every corner of Europe — from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and beyond — as well as from Australia and Latin America. It was like the United Nations of music fans. The activity surrounding Shout It Out‘s UK release and the kick-off of the sold-out shows was from sun-up till down, but in between the cameras were out capturing everything from cupcakes, technicolor courtyards next to the oldest skateshop in London and the location for our 1997 music vid “Where’s the Love.” Mixed in with the colorful shots are my grainy late-night iPhone pics which captured the gathering fans during our after-show departure and an abstract pic from the celeb-packed, Glamour “Woman of the Year” event. Prolly my favorites are those purely for the art; images of side-streets, bike racks and robot sushi shops, all of which make up a wandering vision of this great city through my various lenses. Hope you enjoy. -TH

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