Hanson love Adele, but aren’t so keen on The X Factor

By | June 13, 2011

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Hanson (who we have a litttttttle bit of a crush on) are back with shorter hair, a brand new album called Shout It Out AND a week of gigs in little old Londontown.

Not wanting to miss out, we ran down to Kings College to catch the last of the gigs and to listen to what their new album sounded like – and it didn’t disappoint. From the infectious new single Give A Little (Taylor’s favourite song from the album) to the gospel inspired Carry You There we swayed our hips and threw our hands in the air and danced the night away!

Issac, Taylor, and Zac have come a long way since their MMMbop days and this new album has a much rockier sound – think Kings of Leon. The last song on the album, Me Myself and I was the one that drew the biggest response from the crowd – with one woman silencing the noisy crowd by screaming ‘shut the f**k up I want to hear the lyrics!’

With celeb fans like Ellie Goulding and Fern Cotton (who we spied in the crowd) plus a headlining slot at V festival Hanson are very much back on the music map.

“England have a real appreciation of pop music, much more than the US,” says Taylor. “At the Glamour awards the other night we met Ellie Goulding, man that girls voice is fantastic,” he continues. “No, not as good as Adele, her voice is so pure, and the lyrics to Someone Like You are incredible,” Issac butts in. “I don’t think you’d find people like that on the X Factor, it’s more about the judging panel than the actual acts,” Issac continues. ‘We like the show, its really entertaining, but you gotta hope that the future idols of the music world aren’t reliant of winning the X Factor!

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