Hanson Goes to London! Part I

By | June 7, 2011

Taylor is once again keeping a tour journal for Paper mag and they have just posted some photos for Part I!


It’s been a few months since I’ve graced the PAPERMAG.com blogosphere, so I am excited to jump back in the saddle at least for a couple weeks. The premise of this new incarnation is that we’re here in London doing a series of shows surrounding the new album Shout It Out being released in the UK. After a several-year hiatus from playing gigs in London, we’re excited to get it revved back up. The five shows we’re playing here are the second installment of our 5of5five-night concert series, featuring each of our records performed in a row, which was done initially in one of our fave city’s last year, NYC. We hit the pavement hard the last week spreading the word — from random radio stations to TV interviews. And I’ve been documenting the whole experience with both-high brow Leicas and iPhone apps. To bring things into focus I decided to go with all black and white this week. I hope you enjoy the randomness, and stay tuned for a follow up that is a bit Louder and Brighter.

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