Tuesday Topic Recap

By | November 2, 2010

Our first Tuesday Topic was what venue would you like to see Hanson perform in? and we got NO responses! This led to us changing the format for the Tuesday Topic to a poll instead of forcing you to make a comment.

Our second Tuesday Topic was when we were still HansonTickets and the question was “How many copies of Shout It Out have you purchased?” This question came shortly after an article was released saying that the album was not selling well.

We had 38 fans respond. The majority of the voters said that they had only purchased 1 copy of SIO. (I am in this group) 39% of the voters said that they had purchased 2-4 copies of the album and we had 2 voters who had purchased NO copy and 1 who had purchased 5 or more copies.

I guess that 1 person who purchased 5 or more covers the “slack” for the 3 who had purchased none – and I really hope that those 3 did not illegally download it!

During the tour we will only be posting the “recaps” to these Tuesday Topics, but we will consider continuing the topics in the band’s off time once the 3rd leg of the tour ends.

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