Article: Pop With a Purpose

By | February 23, 2009

What song makes this writer say:

But this doesn’t even matter. I think this song is the best new pop song to hit the airwaves since Hanson’s “mmmBop.”

Find out under the cut…


I haven’t watched the Disney channel since “Brink!” was the original movie constantly being replayed. The TV remote is lost somewhere in the couch but I’m digging for it. By the way, what channel is Disney in Normal?

They might have just elevated their status to what it was when I was 11. I’m very behind in the world of pop culture but finally a certain Miley Cyrus song has reached my ears. This song has apparently been deemed an “eco-anthem” by some critics.

Well maybe I’ll just listen to the song on the Internet a few more times. That should satisfy my craving for this catchy piece., my main environmental news Web site, informed me of Miley’s “new” song titled, “Wake Up America.” Apparently we’re rather behind on Cyrus news since this song was released in July. Better late than never I suppose.

Like a quality folk song, this preteen icon’s pop song actually carries a message. On Cyrus’s newest album it is like the one serving of vegetables to the 11 other sugar-coated-less-substantial pop songs; at least the kids get one serving of vegetables.

Pop music needs more songs like “Wake Up America.” The children growing up in America need more substance in their daily musical intake.

Every pop song I hear is the same. They’re all about love, heartbreak and “hittin’ da club.” The youth of today need to hear the occasional song that goes deeper than pop’s standard superficialities.

“Wake Up America” may have been her own creation because she “co-writes” most of her songs. But either way, this song spreads a message of environmental awareness that all children should hear. Who cares? As long as the kids hear it the author is irrelevant.

Hopefully this song will inspire an entire generation of youngsters to become more environmentally conscious. They are the ones who will be alive longest and affecting our earth-home the most.

I don’t even understand who Miley Cyrus is and why she sometimes goes by the name Hannah Montana. I must not be young enough anymore.

But this doesn’t even matter. I think this song is the best new pop song to hit the airwaves since Hanson’s “mmmBop.”

I hope no one thinks less of me for enjoying “Wake Up America.” Yesterday I was singing it in the shower. I hope my roommates don’t think I’m any weirder than they already do.

“Oh, the earth is calling out/ I wanna learn what it’s all about/ But everything I read-global warming, going green/ I don’t know what all this means, but it seems to be saying.”

Okay so there have probably been better pop songs than this since “mmmBop.”

I still can’t help but smile as I listen to it and think of all the young people who are inspired by it. Hopefully there is an army of young people who now think environmentalism is cool because Miley Cyrus said so.

She is probably one of the most influential figures for young people, aside from their parents and teachers.

Cyrus is spreading a message that needs to be shouted or spread throughout the entire digital cable world. So pass it on. Send your little sister or brother a link so they get some positive pop influence.

I can’t stop singing the chorus either.

“Wake up, America, we’re all in this together. It’s our home so let’s take care of it. You know that you want to, you know that you got to.”

More pop stars should follow suit. They have power over the minds of youngsters. They should use this power for socially constructive purposes. Think of Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance,” and consider what that song did for the anti-war movement.

Just wait until it gets warm enough for me to bring my guitar outside. All of ISU will hear my rendition of this teenage pop star’s song. I hope there are more to come.

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