Official Word from Taylor…

By | February 18, 2009

First off, we hoped to be the first to officially tell you guys about it on hnet, but there was a mixup…anyways. Over the last couple years, Adam Schlesinger from fountains of Wayne and James Iha have been working on this project – We first met Adam years ago when we were making Middle Of Nowhere. So the deal is a band that I am mostly taking the vocals on, with James and Adam on bass and guitar, as well as the legendary drummer Bun E Carlos of cheap trick. All of us have just sort of made time for the creation of the album when we could over the last couple years, and now it is going to be coming out, with all the trimmings.

It is a fun thing that is musically different but i think (hope) you will dig. We will premier it at sxsw this year, and we will be telling you guys more about what will be happening with it as it rolls out.

For me and the other guys in the group this is a great project that is an addition to who we are in our core bands.

For instance, as we have said we are working on tunes for the new record —Hanson I mean, not to be confusing — and that is going great… Over the next couple months the roll out for Tinted Windows project will happen in between the writing and recording sessions we have planned for the new H record. lot’s going on in our world, but as much as we could we wanted you to be among the first to get the real word on this.

We look forward to telling you more about TW and keeping you posted on all things Hanson and, OOOh All This Love Crap too.

Thanks. rocknrooool – TAYLOR

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