The Rock Boat: Lido Deck Show

By | January 23, 2009

January 18, 2009
Lido Deck

01 Something Going Round
02 Can’t Stop
03 Where’s the Love
04 Been There Before
05 Great Divide
06 Crazy Beautiful

07 Strong Enough To Break
08 Go
09 Follow Your Lead

10 This Time Around
11 Blue Sky
12 If Only (Let’s Get It On)
13 Minute Without You
14 Running Man
15 Penny and Me
16 Oh Darlin
17 MMMBop
18 Hey
19 Watch Over Me
20 Never Been To Spain
21 Get Up and Go
22 Got A Hold On Me
23 Lost Without Each Other
24 Under The Sea
25 Georgia
26 Use Me

Andy from Sixthman dared Hanson to play until 3am – and they did. Of course this might have been even more impressive if they went on stage on time and didn’t make everyone wait forever. lol

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