A note from Admiral Twin

By | January 10, 2009

Come register an account at http://soundtrack.mtv.com/ and vote for Admiral Twin!

Supposedly the site is set up to help expose indie bands to the music supervision staff at MTV who are in charge of placing songs in their shows and productions.
The more votes we get on the site, the higher up the popularity chart we move (we’re almost in the top 100 right now) at which point we’ll theoretically have a better chance of being spotted by the omniscient, god-like supervisors, perched in their Olympus-like gilded office cubicles, bestowing the blessings of TV exposure to us mere mortals scampering about down here on Earth. You can vote for us once per hour, 24-7, if you’re so inclined. (I think listening to the various AdTwin tracks we’ve uploaded might help as well…there’s a play count listed by each song.) We’d like to crack the site’s top 20 by spring if possible. Of course, we’d also like to be able to fly at will and turn mean people into little dancing bowls of soup…but we figure the MTV thing might be slightly more feasible at this point.


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