Then & Now: 10 Best Teen Idols of All Time

By | January 1, 2009

LOS ANGELES — Our hearts skipped a beat when we caught wind of Scott Baio’s new reality TV show, “Confessions of a Teen Idol,” starring seven former heartthrobs praying for a comeback.

But then we got hold of VH1’s list of “Teen Idols” who’ll be on the show.

Oh my.

VH1’s website defines the term as “guys who were famous as teenagers.” Apparently, they have expanded the meaning of “teen” to dudes who were pushing 30 before we had ever heard of them (Adrian Zmed in “TJ Hooker” was a “teen” idol?) as well as some D-list reality show stars (Eric Nies from MTV’s “The Real World”).

We give them props for Christopher Atkins (“Blue Lagoon”), Billy Hufsey (“Fame”), and David Chokachi (“Baywatch”), but if you want a list of REAL teen idols, read on.

7. Hanson

MMMBop. Say no more. They were cute, they could sing, and there were three of them (Isaac, Taylor, and Zac), so you and your best friends could each pick one and not fight over them. What more does any teenage girl need? These days, the brothers still tour and release records on their own indie label. They also work tirelessly to raise money to end poverty and AIDS in Africa with their “Walk Around The World” tours. Before each show, they walk one mile, barefoot, with their fans as a symbol of the plight of African children. We always knew we loved Hanson.


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