"Camp Hanson" in Louisville, KY

By | August 30, 2008

Something cool that the venue is doing in Kentucky..

I Just wanted to let everyone know a little information about what City Block Louisville will be doing for all the Hanson Fans. This year we will be opening “Camp Hanson”. This will be a secure area (Fenced-In) that everyone that arrives early can camp in. We will be providing access into our venue for Hanson campers from Wednesday afternoon October 1st until the show on Saturday October 4th. Everyone entering Camp Hanson will be given a number and that will be the order you enter the building at show time. This way you will not have to fight to get in first. Once in Camp Hanson you will have access to

· Indoor bathrooms

· Drinks

· We’re working on Food vendors

· We will be showing movies around the clock on our Large projection screens

· You will be able to play video games IE: Wii, Pool Tables, and others

· The Building is of course heated so this year you won’t freeze

Once again this year we will be doing interviews with the Camp Hanson Fans that will go on our web sitewww.cityblocklouisville.com . In addition this year these interviews will be turned into a DVD that each of the Hanson’s will receive a copy of, so brush up on what you want to say to them.Be sure and check out our web sitewww.cityblocklouisville.com with interviews from last year including the Hanson interview just before the show. Also this year we will be producing Hanson is coming web commercials that will post twice a week on the site until the show.Looking forward to seeing all of you here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Seems like a pretty cool thing to keep those campers safe! If anyone ends up going, please let us know how it works out!

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