HNet Explorer January 2024

2024 Winter HNet Explorer

Image Name Description How to Earn
Winter HNet Explorer 2024 RSVP For Winter HNet Explorer RSVP before January 9th on the HNet Calendar page
Resolution Explorer Complete Week 1 of the Winter Explorer. Clue #1: Only once in 30 years, have we ever played this day. The weather was so cold, now then we’ll never want to play. One decade ago, on the eve of something new. 6 days later, we posted this to. You’re looking for a song, but not found in a player. Just something that we sang from stage inspired by Taylor.

Clue #2: Sticking with the theme, of ringing in the year. This next one is a song with lots of new year’s cheer. All that is required is that you play the song that’s right, the only new year’s ditty that isn’t new year’s night. When you find it in the player, you’ll know it in your pants, and maybe if we’re lucky you’ll do a little dance.

Congratulations You’ve just completed the first week’s game of Hnet Explorer. This is our first pin of 2024 and it’s bright and shiny, just like this new year we’ll see you guys next week for the next one.

Listen to New Years Song 2009 in the media player


No Problem Explorer Complete Week 2 of the Winter Explorer. Clue #1: This week’s clue is all by the number. We’re building on a theme, of back when BTTI began. The first Three is in the last One’s place. This might be too easy, but we don’t think so. When you go from Zero to all the numbers you need, it is a simple matter of mirroring what you see, and on the count of Two Three One, you will be done! Just One search and the hunt is over and the PIN is yours.

Search archive for 1132013


Chance Explorer Complete Week 3 of the Winter Explorer Clue #1: On the ninety third day four years ago, we released the seventh in a series. We will take our chances that you can find what we’re talking about.

Clue #2: Follow me Here down the rabbit hole to something more. Read the description of my 20th year.

Clue #3: We have been at this for a long time. But do you remember where it all began. Listen to the last of the first Perennial, that talks about the end.

Listen to End of the Line


Leonardo Explorer Complete Week 4 of the Winter Explorer Clue #1: Not a band, but a group of brothers. Identified often by their colors. Created by Henson for the silver screen, serenated by Robert Van Winkle in a epic scene. Just look for the name of this famous team, but use a four-letter acronym.

Clue #2: This debate has gone on for years, despite the fact the answer is clear. Four brothers make up this mutant team, four brothers of H share the same genes. Match shade with shade and brother with brother and search Zac’s name if he was a turtle.

Search Leonardo

Complete Winter 2024 Explorer Complete All  4 weeks of the Winter 2024 Explorer. Found them all.