HNet Explorer Fall 2023

2023 Fall Hnet Explorer


Image Name Description How to Earn
Fall Hnet Explorer 2023 RSVP For Fall HNet Explorer RSVP before September 12th

No Longer Available

Waterside Explorer Complete Week 1 of the Fall Explorer Week 1: September 12th

Clue 1: A robot voice inside a box is what you need to read. Released the year that Zac would later turn the big thirty. If you’re confused by what I said just give me your best shot. The words you lack, to get on track, are ciphered in black.

Clue 2: You’re looking for a song media player leave the light on twenty o eight

Clue 3: Congratulations you’ve reached the final clue of week 1 Hnet explorer Fall 2023. Not far from Bridlington stands this coastal beacon of light. What is this? Name it in the archive to receive your pin.

Search ‘Lighthouse’ in Archive

No Longer Available

Highlander Explorer Complete Week 2 of the Fall Explorer Week 2: September 19th

Clue 1: A different way to say courageous myocardium. Martin Riggs is a legendary Scotsman. What you need to search is the date that he died, or simply his name with his title beside. That’s all I can give you as clue number one. Say what you will, but fight for FREDOM!!!!!

Clue 2: Your clue can be found by reading all the way to the bottom. Or by only reading this line. Listen to the song Fearless from Against the World in the media player.

Clue 3: Congratulations! You’ve reached the final clue of week 2 HNet explorer Fall 2023. This week’s theme is highlander’s best friend. What has bark that’s not a tree? You’re looking for 2 words – Hanson’s first stage bass player but add ‘ie’. A famous Disney character named Jock – What is he? Good luck.

Congratulations on reaching the final step of HNet Explorer Fall 2023 Week 2. By opening this news post you will be awarded your PIN!

Search ‘Scottie Dog’ in Archive

No Longer Available

Welsh Explorer Complete Week 3 of the Fall Explorer Week 3: September 26th

This week is a first, because you will need three PINs to do it. First a project out of nowhere. Second one that’s phonically round. A restauranter named Stephen was key to both of them, and with this first two you have found. Lastly is our darkest project speaking literally, themed on timeless melodies best sung in company. Just listen to each one, and PIN your love from left to right, and when you display them 1, 2, 3 the dragon you will find.

Put I heart MON, I heart TTA, i heart Anthem pins in spots 1, 2, 3 in your pin case. (Listen to the albums if you don’t already have the pins in the media player)

No Longer Available

Blarney Explorer Complete Week 4 of the Fall Explorer Week 4: October 3rd

Clue 1: This clue is a bit of a puzzle as you don’t need all your see. Just take all the words and multiply them all by three. If you can search that number the answer you might find, but before you multiply remember to subtract the number nine.

Clue 2: You’re doing great, but we’re not done yet. Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. Within a rainbow is a collection of songs. This album is full but you won’t sing along. 58,000 words all Making Of viewing. 40,000 is where you’ll find the clue in. Click on the caption for viewing.

nuahcerpeLhcraeS :EULC

Search ‘Leprechaun’ in Archive

No Longer Available

Double-Decker Explorer Complete Week 5 of the Fall Explorer Week 5: October 10th

Clue #1: 9-10, 9-27, 10-10 is where we start. These three share a common part. Just search the coliseum, where all the fun was hosted. Two symbol, a five-letter word, and you’re done with this part.

Clue #2: Against the World was filmed in a broken power plant, but it was not the first featured with Love behind HANSON. This famous London Power Station is now a shopping mall. It stacks dwarf the landscape at 113 meters tall.  Its name is a mix for pancakes, and a different word for ocean. Search out this three word place from the where’s the love music video.

Search ‘Battersea Power Station’ in Archive


Royal Explorer Complete All 5 weeks of the Fall 2023 Explorer Found them all.