Logins Not Working

By | December 31, 2023

Error icon - Download on Iconfinder on Iconfinder

We are aware of an issue that’s been happening with some accounts – log in is saying that your credentials are invalid and forgot/reset password is not working.  I will be prioritizing trying to fix this after I return from BTTI but have no set timeline on how long it will take to fix it.  There does seem to be a work around that has been working for some who are getting this issue, so if you email blog@hansonstage.com I can let you know what it is.  (And will also then know who to contact once it is working or needs someone to try it out for me!)  I am hoping to do a total overhaul for signups, logins, reset password, etc in the new year that will hopefully fix all the issues that have been popping up with signing in to accounts and creating accounts. 🤞

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