Hanson shoots new music video at popular Route 66 stop in Tulsa

By | March 15, 2022



TULSA, Okla. — The band Hanson is sticking with their Tulsa roots shooting part of their newest music video at Buck Atoms Cosmic Curios on Route 66.

“Write You a Song” is Isaac Hanson’s solo project on the album ‘Red Green Blue’ which feature a single from each member of Hanson. In the music video, you can see Isaac with his daughter pull up outside the iconic astronaut cowboy Buck, then go inside the store for some Route 66 merchandise.

“It is about holding on to the things that really matter in life, those simple daily moments that are precious and honest and go by so fast” a post on Hanson’s Facebook page read.

‘Red Green Blue’ marks the bands 30th anniversary, a long road since their hit song ‘MMMBop’ put them on the national map in 1997.

Taylor Hanson’s single “Child at Hear” came out Feb. 11, Isaac Hanson’s solo song “Write You a Song” debuted March 11 and Zac Hanson will get the final single release with “Don’t Let Me Down” coming out April 15.

The full album will be released May 20.

The band of brothers will hit the road for a world tour this year. You can see the schedule and get tickets here.

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