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Thinkin Bout Something Lyrics

These lyrics are just a composite of what fans think they are hearing – we will replace it if official lyrics come out. If you think you hear different lyrics, please comment on this post and we’ll try to figure it out 🙂 Well I gave you love, you know it So when did you outgrow it And… Read More »

Lyrics: Carry You There

Well, I don’t care what you say. don’t have use for your words anyway. You don’t need a Cadillac cause I’ll be waiting with my bare back. To carry you there. Try… You don’t have to be afraid to just rely on someone to hold the weight bottled up inside. It’s alright It can get too much to… Read More »

Lyrics: World's On Fire

Watched from a distance it’s beautiful Somebody’s caught in the undertow Have you ever felt desperation Cause the salt water’s filling your lungs We’re in regret of where we sleep Promises never meant to keep When all that the shadows need Is a good man to hide in a dream Do they know that the world’s on fire… Read More »

Lyrics: Waiting For This

Without a doubt Girl, you’re ahead of your time Let’s go out on the town And give it a piece of your mind You’ve been going ’round and ’round in your head So don’t think twice you live it once, then you (bail?) ‘Cause I know that you’ve been thinkin ’bout it And I know they think you’re… Read More »

Lyrics: Use Me Up

Somebody let me down Somebody show me love I wouldn’t care much either way I’d rather the sticks and stones Than dragging the ball and chain What if the world won’t take me? Even if the hull should crack Even if the blood flows red Nothing could be worse than numb Please, use me up I just want… Read More »

Lyrics: These Walls

These walls are too hard to climb And that ladder is too hard to find I don’t wanna be here anymore These roads are too hard to walk With the things you’ve been saying I don’t even wanna talk I don’t wanna wind up on the floor I don’t wanna be here anymore A fair amount of disbelief… Read More »