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Article: The boys are back

The Backstreet Boys perform Tuesday at the Saddledome. Hanson performs Sept. 12 at MacEwan Hall. New Kids on the Block perform at the Saddledome on Nov. 19. Just over a year ago, being part of a boy band was considered to be the dorkiest gig in pop. Unless your name was Justin Timberlake, the mid-2000s was a cruel… Read More »

Article: Hanson cherishes autonomy

EDMONTON – In the late ’90s, Hanson’s first hit, MMMBop, was so out of place during that grungy, angsty time that it was used as an instrument of torture on a Saturday Night Live sketch. And sure, to a morose teenager, there was nothing hip about the bright, Jackson 5-inspired tune, but admit it: secretly we all loved… Read More »

Article: Hanson to open Montclair's refurbished Wellmont Theatre

An old theater will get new life when Montclair’s Wellmont Theatre reopens Nov. 1. Instead of the movies the theater had been presenting before closing in 2006, though, the new Wellmont will offer concerts, including major attractions such as Steely Dan, Brian Wilson, Tony Bennett, Matisyahu and Rufus Wainwright. The theater, which originally opened in 1922, is at… Read More »

Article: Last Night: Hanson at the Moore

As promised, Erika Hobart’s follow up on Seattle Weekly. EEK! Hanson played at the Moore last night! And that Taylor Hanson is goddamn gorgeous. He’s got this ridiculous amount of androgynous appeal. It bums me out when a man with greasy hair looks better than me on my best day, completely done up. He’s the equivalent of David… Read More »

Article: Music Listings

From the Vancouver Sun: Hanson American pop band (featuring brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson); latest CD is The Walk. Commodore Ballroom, Sept. 10, 9 pm, $35, ticketmaster.ca. Source

Article: Boy Bands Don't Grow Up

Hanson Haters: Robby Marx and Adam Eddington. Ages: 23 and 34 Occupations: Produce manager and salesperson at Stilnovich Corner Produce. Robby: “In seventh grade I had long hair because I was really into grunge. My girlfriend at the time loved Hanson and wanted me to get my hair layered so that I’d look like one of them. I… Read More »

Article: Reverb – Tonight: Hanson at The Moore EEEK!

Here’s some trivia for you: What band did the Village Voice deem “secretly the finest straight-up rock band in America?” Hanson. Okay, okay. I think it’s weird, too. When I think of the pretty brothers who sang “MMMBop,” I don’t think ROCK! But countless of their diehard fans and our sister paper would differ. I spoke with the… Read More »

Article: Five Live:Music

From The Oregonian: 2. Hanson Where is this well-scrubbed trio of so-gagworthy-adorable boys now? Coming to Portland, and no longer the tykes behind the pop-sugar hit song “MMMBop” of the early ’90s. They’ve left their teenybopper success behind them, trying to prove, in the years since, that they’re worth taking seriously. 8 p.m. Sunday, Aladdin Theater, 3017 S.E.… Read More »