Hanson Day Scavenger Hunt 2024 (Paid)

2024 Hanson Day Scavenger Hunt (Paid)

Pin 1 – Peace Symbol Make a pictograph – From left to right, in your display case, starting in the first place. Look inside your heart. Big rocks and mending, is almost how you say it. On reconciliation way the only place for jamming. It once shared a name with Tom, it’s owned by a man named Peter, just a few blocks away check in at the Tulsa…

Check in at the Tulsa Theater under “Start Puzzle”

Pin 2 – Heart We all need Peace and Love
Pin 3 – Music Note Peace is always hard to come by, but with love, we find it like natures natural music Place Peace & Heart pins from left to right to make pictograph
Pin 4 – Factory Pin I’m just a Factory for making things Place Peace & Heart & Music pins from left to right to make pictograph
Pin 5 – 4 Humans Just a bunch of Human people here
Pin 6 – Name Tag It’s time to make a pictograph, working from left to right. I will use only synonyms, and the answer you will find. Crowd, fondness, harmonious, tune Pictograph: 4 Humans, Love, Peace, Music
Pin 7 – Broken Violin Take me to the Violin Shop and Check-In for Repairs We make something that shrieks, when used by careless hands, a higher form of culture, not for the common man. Cats fear us, Royals cheer us. It’s time for a visit when you find your Pins broken.

Check in at Violin Shop on Main St

Pin 8 – Horse with Saddle Got any hay?
Pin 9 – Fixed Violin I, make, music. The music I make is Peaceful, the people, who listen to my music love, it. Say this in a 6 pin Pictograph working left to right. Use 6 pins to say Violins, Make, Peaceful, Music, People, Love
Pin 10 – Drum Pin Ratta Tat Tat
Pin 11 – Train Choo Choo
Pin 12 – Skull 1. Something with 4 2. Something to ride 3. Something that died. 4 humans, Horse with Saddle, Skull
Pin 14 – Barbell Now it’s time to panic, and run through the street, the topic of a song from 2014. You better run for your lives are the first words he sings, now let’s make a picture, of the house horseman he sings. The recipes in your Skull so don’t look at me.
Pin 15 – Monkey ooo ooo eeh eeh
Pin 16 – Cowboy Hat Named for a playboy, who loved to start swinging, next to a pony, above an empire. You already visited, to let us know you’re here, check-in on the game page and continue from there. This one is simple to spell, easy to register

Check in at Bob’s

Pin 17 – Robot Pin beep boop beep
Pin 18 – Question Mark Pin First time you meet someone you say this phrase, each time you name them the answer is said. A title from something ten years ago, song in falsetto groovy and so. Three pins are needed starting with me, ending with a badge and people as witness. Tell me wh Question Mark, 4 Humans, ID Badge – What’s Your Name?
Pin 19 – Plus Symbol plus
Pin 20 – Equals Pin 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3, putting things together is exactly what we need, what do we get when we combine a Hat and a mount, I’ll leave the rest to you, and we can all figure out. Cowboy Hat, plus sign, horse, equal sign
Pin 21 – Green Duck 7 Card Pin I am the middle one
Pin 22 – Electric Guitar Pin meedily meedily meedily
Pin 23 – Cowboy Pin Something to block the sun, the grip of an ape, a country man, his unbroken spirit is almost all it takes. A symbol for results and now the job is done. With one for every finger on your hung up hand, we complete another picture of the Marlboro man. Cowboy, Monkey, Horse, Equal sign
Pin 24 – Cowboy on Bucking Bronco Check please said the patron to the waiter! In my experience, at every turning point in my life, Ida say there is one meal that changed me. Red velvet cake on my thirteenth birthday, buttered popcorn watching Across the universe when I was twenty first. I bet from now until I am two hundred and nine, I will not eat a better bowl of oatmeal. Check in at Ida Red
Pin 25 – Coin We need to find the BPM of Hanson’s fastest song. A song about a criminal who won’t work there too long. Go tell Ida Red your M&P’s in R&D, and they’ll give a clue to search in the H.net library. Search White Collar Crime
Pin 26 – Red Duck with 1 I am the first one
Pin 27 – Blue Duck with 7 I am the last one
Pin 28 – Hamburglar Not far from here is a place named for when two people sing together? Check-in there. Check in at Duets
Pin 29 – Piano Pin What do you call a Bar with a Piano in it? Make this with two heavy Pins working left to right. Bar, Piano
Pin 30 – Lumber Jack Pin Let’s make a band. We need 9 Pins. Saloons goer and Piano, Lumberjack with his axe, Robotic drummer, then repeat the 177 quacks. Cowboy, Piano, Lumberjack, Guitar, Robot, Drum, Red Duck, Green Duck, Blue Duck
Pin 31 – 3CG Logo Go to the alley where all the music’s made gaze upon the doors to the studio they lea. Speak to a Leader of the Team that roams the Street, answer their question and your hunts almost complete Sides on a triangle, fingers on a hand, oz in a can of soda – search in Archive
Pin 32 – Waving Bye Pin Make the Title of HANSONs 2014 members EP with 7 pins. “Music made for Humans with Robots trained by Monkeys” by copying the Pin order shown in the front windows of 3CG. Music, Factory, 4 humans, Robot, Train, Bye, Monkey
Treasured Explorer You Found The Treasure! Congratulations! You Completed The Scavenger Hunt. Received when complete.
Lockbox Explorer This is the first pin but it holds no clues. Go to start to begin the hunt. hanson.net/game-homepage-2024 Received for signing up