Hanson Day Explorer (2024)

2024 HDay Explorer


Image Name Description How to Earn
Lamp Light Explorer Complete Day 1 of HDay Explorer


Clue #1

Four Words, Word 1: You have 2 on your face, but spelled with one letter.  Word 2: Ships sail on this, but the word means to look. Word 3: A three letter word starting with T and ending with E. Word 4: God created this on the first day, in your house it comes from a bulb. Search this four word phrase and Get your Pin.


Search “I See The Light”

Trucked Explorer Complete Day 2 of HDay Explorer


Clue #1

Chickens cluck, a male deers a buck. I gonna write you a song, what is my ride? Search for this word and open what you find. I’m green and white and only seat three, when your stuck in the muck, I’ll get you out with my…


Search “Truck” in the forums and open the blog post

Golden Slices Explorer Complete Day 3 of HDay Explorer


Clue #1

A song from a film, released in 1992, the year that Hanson became Hanson, it’s true. A boy and a girl on a chance rendezvous, the melody of Menken, a new fantastic point of view, a magic blue and a wish or two. Name this song, and search it to find the pin!


Search “A Whole New World” in the archive

Magic Carpet Explorer Complete Day 4 of the HDay Explorer Clue #1

Today may be easy, or might require some catching up. You need to have been playing every day to have the stuff. You’ll need to combine, three pins in just the right way, starting from the left and working 1, 2, 3. Look inside your truck, your small appliance and brave friend, and create a magical mode of transportation.


Put pins in case, Magic Car Pet

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Absolute Explorer Complete all 4 day of the HDay Explorer 2024.