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  1. jullyane

    i am jullyane and i am braziliam fan of hanson. i want to know how are yhe address hanson [ike] because I want to send a letter. please if you guys could tell me I’ll be very grateful. q has some fa club I can join? anything my email is

  2. Alycia Grantham

    Hello it’s me again, I’m not sure if my other message went through, all’s I would like to know is if there could be a way I would be able to meet Hanson when they come to Billings in August, that would be a dream come true for me and I finally get to see them, wow I think it’s been 15 years or so since I waited to see them up close, I would just love to meet them plz let me know what I have to do to get to meet them and maybe my picture taken with them if I can, lol thats would be Awesome, Thank you soo much I hope to here back from you:)

    1. Katie Post author

      Since the Billings show is not part of the tour, I am not sure how to get official meet and greets from the band. My suggestions would be to listen to local radio stations to see if they are giving anything out to meet the band or see if you can find if they have a merch booth or where their tour bus is parked. Sometimes they will sign at merch booths after shows (they usually mention it on twitter or during the show if they do, or the booth will have a sign) or try to catch them when they are arriving/leaving near the bus/van if they have time they sometimes stop to sign or take photos.

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