HANSON: Streaming Near You

WEEKLY PIC Anything can happen at a Back To The Island destination event. Here we are joined by the legendary Warren Haynes during our first BTTI, bringing the Soulshine live on stage.

Islands & a Stream

Member Exclusive: Join HANSON in two weeks for a special weekend of streaming music live from 3CG studios. All you need to do to watch is be a Hanson.net member! Friday January 29th tune in for a special concert bringing together three solo sets from Isaac Taylor and Zac, something never before seen outside the Island. Saturday January 30th enjoy a… Read More »

HANSON: Your Living Room This Weekend!

WEEKLY PIC This week we are starting the year strong with music, as we head into the Listener’s Choice livestreaming concerts. What better pic of the week than a throwback to the “Are You Listening?” photo series from Hanson Day a few years back. Are you listening?

Taylor Hanson says Tinted Windows supergroup reunion with Adam Schlesinger was in talks: ‘It’s just really, really devastating’

Yahoo! Entertainment In 2009, Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne, James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins, Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick, and Taylor Hanson founded the supergroup Tinted Windows — and while some skeptics might have assumed that this combination would not work, the result was in fact pure skinny-tie sugar-pop bliss. Tinted Windows released only one album,… Read More »

Hanson 2020 Year In Review

January 2020 started off pretty quiet in the Hanson Camp, with promises of lots of music and concerts to come! Islanders received their back to the island itineraries. The odds were not in our favor when Hanson.net once again crashed while we tried to buy tickets for Hanson Day.  Valentine’s day merchandise was released – 2 new t-shirts,… Read More »

Listener’s Choice Voting

For January’s Live Stream events, the theme is ‘Listener’s Choice’.  From December 7 -24, each week day Hanson posted a poll on their twitter account that stayed up for 24 hours pitting 2 songs against each other.  These 14 poll winners will make up most of the main set of the show, with Hanson choosing a few others… Read More »

More than 1,000 families receive free food, concert ahead of Christmas

KTUL TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — More than 1,000 families received free food during a Food On The Move event days before Christmas, when it’s needed most. It’s a weekly drive-thru handout, but this year, the need is so great and many families are in line for the first time ever. Folks drove up and received a box of food, hot dinner, and free… Read More »

The H-Bomb Show: 2020 Holiday Special

Ho-ho-holy cow it’s our 5th annual holiday episode! We haven’t got much new to talk about since our prior show a few months ago, so for this one we’re doing a long overdue project, ranking each hanson net EP from the beginning in 2003 up to today. Plus: some thoughts on the recently released Perennial h net compilation,… Read More »

The Hanson Brothers Are All Grown up With Families of Their Own

distractify  Any millennial will be able to tell you that there was nothing better than hanging out in the backseat of their mom’s minivan, jamming out to the radio while Hanson’s “MMMBop” blasted over the speakers. While the lyrics to the hit song were more or less nonsense, there was something irresistible about the melody and that band of brothers… Read More »

HANSON: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

WEEKLY PIC This month we are getting all your input on the set list for our January livestreams for our Listener’s Choice stream theme. With listening on the brain, here’s a flashback to Underneath Tour days where the headphone icon made its premiere. Are You Listening?