By | May 11, 2024

Everywhere we look, the excitement of HANSON Day is in the air. See you next week!

HANSON Day is right around the corner! We are in rehearsal for the concerts and we will be playing next weekend, here’s what you need to know.

1. Friday we will be playing a show focused on Hanson.net songs. We call it Beyond Perennial in honor of the album of member’s songs of a similar name. Members can buy a ticket at registration in Tulsa to watch in person, and also Streaming tickets are available to HNet members. The stream will broadcast Friday night at 10pm CT.

2. The HANSON Day concert is Saturday night, and is free to all members! We will be playing music from the 2024 Members EP as well as a lot of other songs, hopefully something for everyone. The show will be streamed free to all members on Sunday night at 5pm CT before our nightcap stream.

3. The HDay Scavenger Hunt is on! If you want to play, make sure to buy a ticket by next Monday. Anyone buying a ticket after Monday will NOT receive the special edition Lapel Pin… so DO IT!!!

4. Wednesday is the premiere of our new EP, Time Machine. It is free to all members and will go live at 7pm CT.

HANSON Day is a huge amount of work and planning for our small team, but watching everything come together is a real joy. Thank you to everyone who comes each year, and to the ones making their first trip to our homeland. We are excited to have you here.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Member Exclusive:  HANSON Day is the premiere annual event for all things HANSON. The long weekend includes world premiere music, multiple concerts and a whole lot more, and every Hanson.net member is invited to join the celebration. For details, CLICK HERE.

Tulsa Guide has been updated!

HANSON Daze Beer! Available on tap Exclusively at Cabin Boys Brewery for HANSON Day 2024! Cabin Boys Brewery is located next door to the I Heart HANSON Store and all things HANSON Day!

Visit Black Optical Sunglass Store during HANSON Day weekend to enter your bid in the silent auction for custom engraved Persol Sunglasses. The glasses have been custom engraved with HANSON Day on one side and Taylor’s signature on the other side.  Proceeds will benefit the Food On The Move Charity.

Get your guide from the HDay 2024 page.

Member Exclusive: Second Resort Added! The Bahia Principe Luxury Runaway Bay is an all-inclusive luxury resort with only a 5 minute drive to Jewel Paradise Cove where the concerts and special activities take place (shuttle is included during all Hanson music events and special activities at the main venue).

On Sale NOW! For details, CLICK HERE!

Member Exclusive: Each week, we will choose two lucky fan club winners to be invited to our monthly virtual video M&G! This week, the winners are:
  • Luyzamm
  • 3poprocket


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