Back to the Island – Special Guest – 2020!

By | January 26, 2023

In true 2020 fashion, the 2020 Back to the Island Special Guest listing of Milck and Joshua and the Holy Rollers was being glitchy.  It looks like the glitches have all been overcome and if you attended Back to the Island in 2020 you can now select that Special Guest show to have “A Little Peace” as performed with MILCK and “It’s All Gonna Be Fine”, “Hey Hey” and “Happy Birthday” as performed with Joshua and the Holy Rollers added to your songs heard live list.  As with the 2013 and 2023 special guest shows – this will just add the songs to your list it will NOT count as a Hanson show.

(We also cleaned up some issues with “Lost Without Each Other” that was showing as in person even though it was virtual for the October 9, 2020 show so if your count changed – that’s most likely why!)

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