Less than 600 people attend Hanson’s concert in GDL

By | September 29, 2022


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Menos de 600 personas acuden a concierto de Hanson en GDL

Just under 600 people gathered last night at the Diana Theater to witness Hanson’s concert in Guadalajara.
The brothers Zac, Taylor and Isaac stirred the feelings and nostalgia of those present by remembering their teenage times.
At 9:00 at night, the Oklahoma-based band began their concert on a stage covered in red, green and blue lights for their new album, “Red Green Blue” with rhythmic songs, and then did acoustic, but the magic moment of the night was during the song “Weird” as attendees threw white paper flowers onto the stage, which were placed on the theater seats by a fan club before the evening began.
Amid applause, and after almost two hours of show, Hanson said goodbye to the people from Guadalajara to continue his tour of Latin America. (By Kevin Casillas)

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