By | August 26, 2022

Thanks to our friend @parisvisone for helping capture many moments on the RGB Tour. Have you made it out to see a show?

Hello from western Canada! As we move west on the North American tour, everything gets bigger and bigger, especially the drives between shows. 900 hundred miles from Winnipeg to Calgary, 725 from Edmonton to Vancouver, sometimes you forget how big and beautiful the world is, but then you catch sight of the endless horizon of the western plains and it is all put back in perspective. Despite the shows being amazing, this tour has been comedy of errors when it comes to our bus. We have had a generator die, gotten trapped on a sand berm, gotten stuck on the bus when the lock failed, but yesterday topped it all. Yesterday pulling into Edmonton the “second” wheel on the left side of our trailer… meaning the first was already gone! IT FELL OFF WHILE DRIVING!!! Thankfully our driver maneuvered the bus off the highway like a pro, and we have a new trailer that should get us all home safe and sound. You can’t make this stuff up, just laugh and/or cry and get on with the day, there is a show to play.

Yeah, what a week we have been having back in Canada, but the concerts have been great and we are happy to be sharing the stage with friends, The Grand Southern. Don’t forget to check the Hanson.net blog for more updates from the road, and new videos from BTTI 2022!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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Member Exclusive: Starting this week, we are looking back at BTTI 2022 and sharing videos from some of the concerts and getting excited to go back in 2023. Members, be sure to watch Georgia and Rollercoaster Love, available right now on Hanson.net.


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