HANSON: Saying Goodbye

By | August 18, 2022

Caption what Zac is thinking in this pre-show huddle.

Just four more weeks in the US and Canada for the RGB Tour, so don’t miss the chance to come join us for a show! This week, we are making our way up into Canada hitting Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, and finally up to Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

It is hard to express the way this tour has felt so far. It has no doubt been full of work. We have had border crossing issues, twice now one of our buses has gotten stuck requiring a wrecker to come and save the day (thankfully both on days off), we have had eight sets of in-ear monitors fail (unheard of!), but even so it just feels right. Like a hard day’s work doing something worth doing, with people who share in the labor and joy! Sadly, we are saying goodbye to our friends Allen Mack Myers Moore at the end of this week, but we will not be without compatriots for long as The Grand Southern takes over the guest spot until the end of the US/CA tour. It is a joy to share the stage with so many great musicians, but even more when the time off stage is equally as rich.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

The RED GREEN BLUE WORLD TOUR started in Europe in June and now it will bring HANSON to the US and Canada from July-September, Latin America in September and Australia & New Zealand in November. The band’s first major tour since their String Theory album & tour in 2018/2019, fans will be in store for a tour which not only features the premiere of 15 songs from the new project but will also be the first tour to include live performances of 2020’s Against The World as well as career spanning set lists of fan favorites.

For more information, visit: www.Hanson.net

Member Exclusive: Members, don’t forget to check in during the tour! You will earn a tour pin and, each night, a winner is drawn from among the fan club members who check in while at the show venue.

Member Exclusive: Starting this week, we are looking back at BTTI 2022 and sharing videos from some of the concerts and getting excited to go back in 2023. Members, be sure to watch Tragic Symphony and Carry You There, available right now on Hanson.net.

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