HANSON: Tonight In Boston

By | July 31, 2022

A unique perspective on one of our favorite stages in the US here at Boston House Of Blues. It’s been an incredible tour so far and it’s just getting better!

It’s no surprise these weeks on the road are a murky combo of work and adult summer camp, like working at a theme park, but you get to ride the rides as much as you want once the gates close to the public. Weeks like this one are especially fun cause they are full of iconic venues and famously great crowds! Philadelphia, Richmond, Boston, New York, just naming a few.  The RGB tour is in full swing, like a well oiled machine, and this is really the point when shows are at their peek of fun. After you have worked all the kinks out, but well before fatigue rears its ugly head.

It feels really good to be busy, because it also means there is a lot to share. Every show day there are new Fan Club reporters (you can find them in the archive as part of each show) and every week we are sharing new videos from the road, and the first Friday of each month there is a new HTP episode!

Looking forward to see all of you tonight in Boston.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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