Hanson want to have a ‘deeper connection’ as the band reaches 25 years

By | May 7, 2022

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Hanson want to have a ‘deeper connection’ as the band reaches 25 years.

The pop band – which is made up of brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson – shot to fame as kids with their debut single ‘MMMBop’ back in 1997 and now drummer Zac has explained that he had a “mental shift” as the group approached the milestone anniversary.

He said: “When we hit the 25th anniversary of the band, to me there was a mental shift that said, ‘It’s not really just about making music anymore’. So, I just started thinking about records more like, ‘What kind of stories are we telling? How are we deepening the connection and the understanding of the band? [Being in the band is] a beautiful compromise, because what we are together makes us better for the most part].”

Meanwhile, guitarist Isaac – who is now married to Nicole Dufresne and has Clarke, 15, James, 14, and Nina, eight – explained that it is “trippy” to think his eldest son is now around the same age he was when they were penning their smash hit single and debut album but claimed that he has had a “wild experience” with fame.

Speaking to Retro Pop Magazine, he said: I “was basically the age my eldest son is now, making ‘Middle of Nowhere’ – and that is trippy. He’s starting to get it, which is really funny. Especially in the last couple of years, he’s been like, ‘Dad, um, what the heck?’ It connects with him in a visceral way, because he saw a picture of me that was taken at the MTV Europe Music Awards, where I was standing with Steven Tyler and Jon Bon Jovi. He kind of flipped out, like ‘Dad, I love Bon Jovi and I love Aerosmith! What is going on?’ I was like, ‘I’ve lived a lot of life, man!’ It’s been a wild experience and it’s been a great experience!”


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