Songwriter Trysts: #184 Hanson

By | April 14, 2022

Zac from the band Hanson joins Rae on a Songwriter Trysts intimate podcast with a personal account of their band, how and why they had the achievements they did from such a young age, how they have evolved and what amazing people they have had the chance to work with. Now with a cool new Hanson album which in a way is a compile of three separate EP’s one from each brother where each of them wrote 5 songs and will release them all together.
Fatherhood, life, music industry, faith and lockdown are just some of the topics that come up during this chat about their new music.
Hanson are releasing their album RED GREEN BLUE with a world tour, they are a 3 x Grammy Award-nominated pop-rock trio selling over 16 million albums and performed concerts to over 3 million fans. Get prepared for the greatness of their music to hit your playlists really soon.
Single featured in the podcast  ‘Write You A Song’

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