AWOLNATION drop “Material Girl” cover featuring Taylor Hanson

By | April 1, 2022

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AWOLNATION have dropped a new cover of Madonna’s classic “Material Girl,” featuring Taylor Hanson as part of their upcoming covers project

Taylor Hanson and AWOLNATION

AWOLNATION have dropped a new cover of Madonna’s classic “Material Girl,” featuring Taylor Hanson.

The indie cover of the pop classic is the latest release from AWOLNATION’s upcoming covers and collaborations project My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers and Meout May 6 via Better Noise Music. Other tracks on the album include collaborations with Beck, Jewel, Portugal. The Man and more.

AWOLNATION’s frontman Bruno has said he was excited to Taylor Hanson on board for the new track.

“Taylor Hanson is a very very good singer. And an amazingly kind person. I asked him to try ‘Material Girl,’ and he was definitely thrown off by it at first, but after hearing the final product, I am so happy I convinced him to do it!”

Taylor Hanson, who made up one third of 00’s pop boy band Hanson, said that the unexpectedness of the cover is what attracted him to the project.

“My first introduction to the project was simply the idea of working on an unexpected cover song, and a project that would have many different collaborators as a part of it, and that had my interest. The song ‘Material Girl’ was surprising on several levels, because it’s a song I would never expect either AWOLNATION or HANSON to cover. I loved the challenge of covering the song and staying true to the composition, while giving an authentic interpretation that I was proud of. I think the combination of the track Aaron built and the vocal arrangement I was able to contribute is a dynamic combination,” Hanson said.

Mmmbop is undoubtedly Hanson’s biggest song, and the track was such a hit that Taylor Hanson believes it’s “almost prophetic”.

“It’s almost a different lifetime, 25 years ago, but I’m proud of that song,” he told HIT Network.

“It’s a song we wrote, and if you dig into it it’s almost prophetic,

“It talks about hanging on to things that matter and theorising that things are fleeting, you just have to dig into stuff that’s going to count.”

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Watch Material Girl ft. Taylor Hanson by AWOLNATION:

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