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Hanson is back with their tenth studio album, Against The World.

Hanson is back with their tenth studio album, Against The World.  © Screenshot/Instagram/Hanson

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Hanson is back to win hearts over with new music in the form of their tenth studio album, Against The World.

Hanson’s new seven-track album shows off the band’s wide array of musical influences and abilities, while reminding day-one fans why they fell in love with the trio to begin with.

Against The World comes one year shy of the brothers’ 30-year anniversary as a band, and to say they’ve come a long way from their MMMBop days would be a gross understatement.

With southern rock flares and strong visuals in the form of carefully crafted lyrics, Hanson seems to have found a sound that not only suits them, but also the fan base they’ve been growing alongside since the ’90s.

Long gone are the days when the trio of brothers croons about wooing a lady with child-like antics and untainted eyes.

Against The World proves just how much Hanson has grown not just as artists, but also human beings.

The song, One, references the challenges of getting older and becoming who you’re meant to be, as the band sings, “Lay down your arms doesn’t mean that we stop fighting, only that we recognize that we might shed blood for our pride. And we shout, ’cause we cannot help ourselves – carrying on.”

A similar sentiment is shared on the optimistic and empowering track, Fearless, which incorporates epic string instrumentals to pack quite the hefty musical and motivational punch.

“If you’re not gonna go home, if you’re gonna make waves, you’ve got to be fearless – but you could be so much more. You could be bold, breaking the mold – you are what you let yourself be told. You could be fearless,” the band belts.

While the album might be a quick listen, it’s one that will leave you feeling a little lighter after one listen through, and that’s something everyone could use a taste of.

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