HANSON: Envisioning the Musical Future

By | October 22, 2021

Look Out

This month we have enjoyed sharing the song, ONE, and we now have our sights set on the final song release along with the completion of the Against The World album which will be available in its entirety. It’s been a year like no other as we step into a new normal with some more live concerts, a LOT of music released and thankfully some really fun live-streaming events that have helped us all stay connected.

Online, you will begin to see the inclines of yet ANOTHER musical project that is in the works for next year (yes we just said that) so even as we are completing one exciting project, we are envisioning the musical future (so stay tuned).

You continue to inspire us with your engagement in the HANSON universe through live-streams, Hanson.net Explorer activity, online meet and greets and the overall activity we see as you share your enthusiasm for the music. We are heading into the time of year where we start to get nostalgic for the past and also plan what’s around the corner so for those of you already planning to join us for HDay 2022, we are right there with you!

We hope you have had a great week wherever you are.

Thanks For Listening

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Member Exclusive: Members, don’t forget to check out the latest HANSON Time Podcast!

Check out all the HANSON games now available in the Hanson.net store.

Member Exclusive: We are happy to share the dates for HANSON Day 2022 in Tulsa. The full event schedule is out now and we hope to see you in Tulsa next May!

Member Exclusive: HNet Explorer has been a very bright spot in the Hanson.net community this past year, but a very welcome one. We have loved seeing members from all over the globe enjoying the fun, and sharing their insights coaching fans through the obscure clues so everyone can add new Pins to their collection. We  are going to be playing every week in October!

If you’re a Hanson.net member, play week three now.


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